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As youth, we have a lot to offer the Peace Movement in terms of perspective and ideas for action. Let's face it, we're a creative generation, so let's get outside the box when it comes to activism in our lives and communities!

  • Got an opinion? Do you know poets, musicians and hip hop artists? Then spice up a rally, lecture or other event with an open mic. Put your art where your politics are!
  • Brainstorm some ideas with your friends/group on new ways to raise the issues of militarism, racism and sexism in our country and schools - do guerrilla poetry on the corner, use sidewalk chalk to leave messages and ideas in unlikely places, stage checkpoints around the student union at lunch time to give people a sense of how powerless and disorienting an occupation is, give your peers in Iraq Vets Against the War a chance and support to speak on campus, etc.!
  • Liberate resources! Our schools have a lot of resources to offer, in the form of supplies (copies, a/v equipment, space, etc.), and most universities have a 'student activities fee' as part of the semester fees you pay - this money is set aside for student groups, so figure out how to gain access and use that money for activism on your campus. Get departments on campus to co-sponsor speakers to your campus and they can help foot the bill, and some professors can offer extra credit or even require that their students attend the event if it's relevant to the course. Liberate these resources for social change!
  • Challenge the system! The 60s were a great time for social movements, but we are living in a very different era, so we must consciously think of new and innovative ways to challenge the system and create change that will end this war and prevent more!


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