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A Better Plan

Take Action In Your Community April 6th - 9th

Sign our Petition
President Obama announced his 10 year plan for Afghanistan. It includes an additional 21,000 U.S. military forces deployed in Iraq and diplomatic engagement of Pakistan. He is still trying to force political and social change through the Pentagon.

We have a better plan: focus on diplomatic cooperation and humanitarian aid, mitigate civilian causalities by scaling back military force. The United Nations, U.S. and British generals, peace groups, and 19 members of Congress agree: the war in Afghanistan cannot be won militarily and success is only possible through political means including dialogue between all relevant parties.

Download our paper petition.

Write a Letter to the Editor
Peace Action reaches out to the media to educate the public and change the conversation on critical issues like the troop surge in Afghanistan. You can help.  We need to build public support for diplomatic solutions in Afghanistan.  Join our media campaign by writing a letter to the editor.  You can use any of our pre written letters by clicking here.

In-District Visits
Congress is at home the weekend of April 4th through the 6th. Welcome them back with an in-district lobby visit. Peace Action has a better plan for Afghanistan (read below). You can use our fact sheets to help drive your point home. To make an appointment look up your Congressperson online here.

Here are your Talking Points:

1. De-escalate troop levels in Afghanistan and to reject the idea that there is a military solution to the region's problems;

2. Immediately stop military activities that indiscriminately impact civilians such as air and drone strikes;

3. Rapidly withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan;

4. Commit to negotiated diplomatic talks involving all major regional players, including major international peace-keeping bodies; and,

5. Address the real needs of Afghans, which include health-care, clean water, education, and security.