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Resources for allies:

Are Your Students Getting A Balanced Education About the Military?
Overview of military myths, schools' rights to "Equal Access", and groups offering resources for schools

"Stealth Recruiting"
An article from Rethinking Schools about NCLB and other new recruitment programs in schools

Military Adventure Vans They're targeting 500,000 students ...and they're coming to a school near you!

"U.S. Army Recruiters Cause Uproar at High School" An article from Contra Costa Times (CA) and U.S. Labor Against the War

"Community Opposition Sends JROTC Unit Into Retreat" One community's success in kicking JROTC off-campus - and how you can resist JROTC in your district!

Creating Change in Your Local School District: A Sample Counter-Recruitment Resolution

What Students & Educators Should Know About Military Testing in Our High Schools An 8-pg brochure from AFSC about ASVAB and alternative testing options for schools

"The Spirit of America - or No Child Left Unrecruited"Information on a flashy new military recruitment tour targeting elementary school students

"The Military Channel"An article exposing increased military propoganda in the media through a new cable TV channel

"On Manuevers With the Army's Game Squad"A NY Times article about the latest high-tech recruiting tool: video games that sell warfare to youth

"Pentagon Decisions Over-Ride Local School Boards"from Jr. ROTC forces school districts to abandon local control of curriculum, resources and staff

"Ten Ways to Protect Your Child from the ASVAB" Students near you are likely being asked to take military testing in their school in the guise of the ASVAB "aptitude" test. This article, from, highlights how you can offer them alternatives.

Other sites to check out:

Teachablemoment.Org is a K-12 teaching lesson project of Educators for Social Responsibility.

Historians Against the War has excellent teaching resources

Educators to Stop the War

Teaching for Change, a Washington, D.C.-based "social justice" organization for teachers

New York Collective of Radical Educators has created "Military Myths: Combating Military Recruitment in the Classroom' curriculum in response to the increased efforts of military recruiters in New York City high schools."

Democracy Dialogues is a live interactive video program on disasters of U.S. foreign policy, supplying historical context for understanding current events.

Peace and Justice Studies Organization

Plowshares: A Peace Studies Collaborative of Goshen, Earlham and Manchester Colleges

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