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We oppose militarism in our schools and world, but it isn't enough! We must work together and build our collective power to create peace and justice!


Connect with others in your area who are already working for peace. Network with those in your region to support eachother's efforts in your work for peace!


Start a chapter in your school, campus or community. Do you know some folks who are against the war, if so get them together for a group, if not then advertise in your school to find them and get started organizing!


Link your existing group with SPAN! Help build the network, get access to organizing materials and tools while shaping the direction of our campaigns and work.


Yes, you too can and should become an organizer for peace! Act as a liaison between your existing group and the network, or work as a free radical in your community.


Find a wide variety info to use in your campaigns, along with organizing resources.

Educators and Allies

Find out how to work with and support the Network, as well as resources you can use.

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Contact SPAN : 1100 Wayne Avenue Suite 1020, Silver Spring, MD 20910
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