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How to Join The Network

First, get in touch with the national SPAN office to let us know you'd like to get involved!

We'll provide you with support and resources to get started and help you link up your campus group to the broader peace and justice movement. Just drop us a line!

Already have a club on your campus?

Great! Consider linking your group up with SPAN... here’s how:

Introduce the group to the network. Bring some SPAN literature to your group (or have them check out the website) and discuss the advantages of joining a national network, having access to a reliable resource bank, gaining opportunities to learn new organizing skills, expanding your exposure, connecting with student activists from other areas and plugging into the broader student movement. And don’t worry - you won’t need to change your group’s name or existing campaigns to affiliate with us - come as you are! However, if the group wants to hear more firsthand, consider hosting a speaker from SPAN, especially if there is a SPAN or Peace Action chapter in your area. Check out the website or contact the national office for assistance.

Have another group discussion and let us know. If you decide to join the network, choose someone to be a contact or liaison with the national office, and send your new chapter’s contact info to the SPAN coordinator at Register your group by clicking “Join the Action Alert Network” at Soon we’ll also have blogs, message boards and other interactive organizing tools to help your group get more plugged in. You can also reach us at: 301-565-4050 ext. 322. We can’t wait to meet you!

If you're starting from scratch:

Try to find one or more like-minded person(s) to share in the initial planning stage. Gather some friends and allies. Arrange a time and place for interested students (and perhaps supportive faculty) to meet, and advertise the gathering by posting flyers around campus (and whatever other publicity options are at your disposal: a campus events calendar, daily announcements, website, blogs, sidewalk chalk, etc). Make the meeting place a common, easily accessible location, like the student union, café, or lounge.

Be inclusive. Consider the time restraints and work commitments other students might have and try to be accommodating. Someone working her way through school with a part-time job won’t have time for a four-hour meeting. (Who wants to go to a four-hour meeting anyway?) If the Latin American Student Union meets Tuesday nights at 8, don’t exclude them by picking the same meeting time. Know who your allies are and work together to find a mutually convenient time and place.

Define your mission. An early meeting should be dedicated to articulating the purpose, intention, name and constitution of your new group. Spend some time together crafting a mission statement or Principles of Unity - something visionary and descriptive that articulates what your club is all about (this will also help you reach out to others). Also, a note on names: some chapters identify specifically as “Whatever-State SPAN”, others choose a new name altogether. Go with what works for you and just let us know what issues you most want to work on (the occupation of Iraq, stopping new nuclear weapons, countering military recruiting on campus, etc.) and how we can help.

Get official. It may be to your advantage to have official group recognition by your school. This will give you privileges like free use of the school’s facilities, audio visual equipment, office space, ad space and funding. Students are often surprised at the campus funds and sponsorships available to organized and registered student groups.

Get Moving! Check out the rest of the site for resources and info for organizing to end the war and demilitarize our schools!

What if...?
I'm not in school anymore, I don't have time for another club, there's no groups in my area, etc.

No problem! You can still stay connected to the youth and student peace movement by joining our Action Alert Network! Or consider joining more than 100,000 members of the national Peace Action network. You might also want to get in touch with a Peace Action chapter or affiliate in your community. Click here for our national directory.

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