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It is our peers that are dying in Iraq (alongside hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians), lured by promises of funds for college and job training, and it is our job to let our peers and classmates know that what recruiters are offering is a bunch of lies. We must end the military occupation of our schools - through the presence of military recruiters in our hallways, Jr. ROTC and ROTC programs diverting precious education funds along with continued use of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) as a 'career test.' We must oppose and challenge the military invasion of our schools so that we can, in the longterm, end the militarism of our communities and world.

The best way to challenge counter-recruitment in your school or area is to work together with others who are concerned about the presence of the military in our schools or working on peace and justice issues. Check out our tips for starting a group in your school, you can also see if there are any SPAN groups nearby or connect with a Peace Action affiliate to talk about organizing in your area. You can also contact SPAN anytime at or 301-565-4050 ext 322.

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